Public Attributes

HashList Struct Reference

Hash structure; holds arrays of Hashkey and Payload. More...

List of all members.

Public Attributes

Payload ** Members
HashKey ** LookupTable
char ** MyKeys
HashFunc Algorithm
long nMembersUsed
long nLookupTableItems
long MemberSize
long tainted
long uniq

Detailed Description

Hash structure; holds arrays of Hashkey and Payload.

Member Data Documentation

should we use an alternating algorithm to calc the hash values?

Hash Lookup table. Elements point to members, and are sorted by their hashvalue

Our Payload members. This fills up linear

how big is Members and LookupTable?

this keeps the members for a call of GetHashKeys

how many items of the lookup table are used?

how many pointers inside of the array are used?

if 0, we're hashed, else s.b. else sorted us in his own way.

are the keys going to be uniq?

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